USC60 Plus 4D Portable Ultrasonic Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanner with Convex Probe

The USC60 Plus laptop color doppler ultrasound system brings an entirely new level of diagonstic performance and workflow efficiency.The USC60 Plus system,combines best-in-class image quality and a robust set of features to meet daily clinical needs.It enhances diagnostic confidence with high quality color doppler,power doppler and pulsed wave doppler.
USC60 Plus is powerful,convenient and easy to operate,will go beyond your expectation but within your budget.These powerful features have greatly boosted diagnostic confidence.

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Human body: Abdomen, OB/GYN, Cardiology, Urology, Peripheral Vessel, Small parts etc.
*3.5Mhz Convex probe
*4D software
*CW function
Trans-vaginal probe
Linear probe
Micro-convex Probe
Phased array probe
4D volume probe
15 inch LED medical display
Power Supply:
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

USC60 Plus 4D Portable Ultrasonic Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanner with Convex Probe USC60 Plus 4D Portable Ultrasonic Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanner with Convex Probe

Probe connector Single 1
Operation interface English (more languages as option)
Display mode B,B+B,4B,B+M,M,C,PW,CW,4D,B/C,B/C/PW,B/PW
Focus 4 segments
Body mark 57
Image processing Up/Down, Left/Right, Angular variation, Reverse
Measurement Distance, circumference, area, volume, heart rate, diameter stenosis rate, area stenosis rate, angle, rhythm, speed.
Application Abdomen,cardiac,skeletal muscle, early obstetrics, middle and late obstetrics, pelvic (uterine attachment) , small parts, urology, peripheral blood vessels, GW&EDD, fetal weight.
Character display Date, time, name, sex, age, doctor, hospital, annotation (full screen character editing)
Cine loop  1200 frames, continuous playback or view one by one.
Storage Probe parameter, cine loop, measuring result, report can be saved and transferred to external storage device
Gray scale 256 levels
Puncture guide Available
Gravel positioning Available
Dynamic range 0-270dB
TGC control 8 segments
Pre-processing Variable aperture, dynamic apodization, dynamic digital filtering, multi-beam parallel processing technology, THI and so on.
Post-processing Dynamic range 0-270DB, black and white afterglow 0-7, smoothing 0-7, gray curve 1-16, frame correlation, SHI, sound power, wall filter, cumulative number, baseline adjustment, sampling frame adjustment , spectral sampling volume, spectral sampling volume angle, the PRF (pulse repetition frequency) and so on.
Blind zone 4mm
Max display depth 320mm
Geometric accuracy horizontal  5%, vertical  5%
Resolution lateral 2mm, axial 1mm
External interface Video, USB, DICOM 3.0
Display magnification 16 kinds
Frame rate 5-1016fps
Scanning range 5% – 100%
Gain adjustment Overall gain: 0 ~ 100%, PW gain: 0-15, CFM gain: 0-15
Image optimization 6 level adjustable
Smoothing 8 level adjustable
Edge enhancement 8 level adjustable
PRF 16 level adjustable
Gray scale curve 16 level adjustable
Acoustical power 15 level adjustable
Weight NW: 6.3kg   GW: 15kg
Packing size 60*50*27cm


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