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A-609B Electro-hydraulic Delivery Bed  

It is a new generation multifunctional obstetric table developed by us,

besides all functions necessary for obstetric table,

it can also be used as a gynecological operating table or a clinic inspection bed.


1.     Up/down of the table, back section, seat section,all controlled by hand controller the pedal controller.

2.     Electro-hydraulic transmission system, hand controller,easy to operate.Operating speed is smooth and stable(pedal controller is optional). The hydraulic system adops imported oil pump and solenoid valve, so it is durable and even more reliable.

3.     Hidden assitant table requires no additional space.It can be drawn out or pushed in.

4.     The rigid steel structure with plastic coating provides the best stability and it is easy to be cleaned and disinfected.

5.     Brake by the foot pedal, easy to lock and move the table

6.     Mattress is made of one-step molding technology of medical polyurethane,the surface seamless,anti-bacterial and it can be cleaned with cleaning solution. 

Main specifications:

Tabletop(L/W): 1950*600mm

Auxiliary tabletop: 600*580mm(without siderails) with siderails: 600*650mm

Tabletop adjustment: 700-950mm

Back plate adjustment: 0-75 degree

Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: 15/25 degree

Power supply: 220V, 50HZ

Standard Accessories:

Mattress:               1 set

Manual controller: 1 pc

Arm plate:              2 pcs

Handrail:                2 pcs

Joint adapter:         2 pcs

Anesthetic screen: 1 pc

Leg holder:            2 pcs

Fifth basin:             1 set

Power cable:          1 pc

  A-C102B Electric Delivery Bed
  A-609A03 Electro-hydraulic Delivery Bed
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