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EA-13B Isolation Stretcher for Ebola  
 ebola isolation stretcher

EA-13B Isolation Stretcher for Ebola

Totally enclosed negative pressure isolation chamber used for the transportation of respiratory infection disease patients after the isolation, play a role of temporary isolation for the transportaton and rescue of patients infected by ari or Suspected patients.Prevent the further spread of the pathogen,provide effective protection of the accompanying medical staff. The outside fresh air through the appropriate filter timely added into the cabin,provide a comfortable environment for patient safety escort.

The technical index and configuration:

1. The filter efficiency is not less than 99.9% for 0.3μm aerosol particles in air,the effective time 6h.

2. The negative pressure device is openable sealed cabin,have air filltration system and negative pressure generate system.The air which is polluted by patinet in the cabin after filtered by high performance canister is discharged by draught fan. By adjustment the fan speed to establish a reasonable vacuum in the cabin, so that the cabin pathogens can not overflow.

3. Use lithium battery and vehicle battery two power supply modes, can freely switch.The lithium battery can continuous work 2 hours after recharged.

4. Suitable for using in ambulance,transport the infectious patients.

5.The negative pressure difference between the inside and outside of the cabin is no less than 40Pa,the built-up time of negative pressure is less than 2min.

6.When the negative pressure device is working, the cabin noise is no more than 72(dB)A.

7. Ventilation volume more than 50L/min.

 Detailed configuaration:







Electrical bag






Dust filter box


Has been installed in the cabin

Airway tube


One is long and the other is short

Draught fan






Lithium battery



Lithium battery charger



Automobile igniter extension line



Standby latex gloves



Standby gloves port

1 pair


Use and maintenance instructions



Digital micro pressure tester



Standby canister



Standby dust filter box




  EA-13A/13M Biological Isolation Chamber
  EA-6FPN Powered Climbing Evacuation Chair
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